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PECM specializes in the Design, Engineering and Construction Management of Food Processing Facilities.

Conceptual Design

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Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process

Drafting Design & Modeling

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Construction Management

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Food Production Facilities

Specialized Designs – Maximized Efficiency

Food Production Facilities require specialized designs that are unique and critical for obtaining a successful and productive outcome. PECM works almost exclusively in the Food Processing industry and can help your company achieve its goal of constructing an innovative facility that meets all the latest standards in food processing design while achieving its vision to maximize your businesses’ efficiency.

PECM is quickly becoming a leader among engineering firms in the Food Processing Industry. With a strong background in construction, our professionals seamlessly take concepts and turn them into a reality. Through impressive engineering design, consulting, and construction management, we produce results that will keep our customers in the forefront of the food production industry.


Years Of Experience

With Over 30 Years of Experience

If you need help designing and engineering a new Facility or expanding and modernizing your current facility to meet current market or USDA demands, PECM is the multi-discipline company to help you get the job done right. We provide the engineering and management services that give you peace of mind throughout the planning and construction process. With PECM, you can rest assured that our work will reflect the respect your company has earned. Our most important quality that sets us above our competitors is our substantial experience in the construction industry and our ability to turn that knowledge into a workable design.

Let’s Build Something Together

From Design Through Construction

When implementing design plans there is always new opportunities along the way. The engineering experts at PECM know how to seamlessly take your concept to a workable design and all the way thru construction. Our years of engineering and construction management experience helps us to foresee potential issues that can arise in any project. That experience allows us to handle those issues before they become a problem.

Implement & Manage Communication

At PECM, our services are also unique because of how information is communicated and delivered. Owners typically don’t have time to deal with the multitude of questions that come from vendors, contractors, and suppliers when putting together a project. PECM can implement your ideas and manage those questions while distributing all the gathered information to the various team members or project partners. The professionals at PECM make it a priority to make you a priority.

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