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Each industry faces its own challenges of achieving and maintaining efficiency. Our job is to anticipate those challenges before they become problems. PECM professionals are ready to meet your process engineering needs so that your company can focus on what it does best.

PECM has a multitude of experience in the following industries:

Poultry Processing

PECM makes sure that your poultry processing plant has the right layout to optimize efficiency and sustainability. We can work with your concept or help you develop a concept. The professionals at PECM will guide you through the building & equipment layout that will best suite your company and its poultry processing needs. We have experience in Live Bird Handling, (CAS) Controlled Atmospheric Stunning, Evisceration, Cut-up, Spiral Freezing, Tunnel Freezing, Par Fry, Fully Cooked products, Packaging, Offal, Rendering, Refrigeration Building design, Waste Water Pre-treatment and Site layout.

Poultry Processing Plant

Food & Feed Ingredients

PECM has a wide variety of experience in Food and Feed ingredient facilities. We can help optimize your Building layout for processes including liquid spray drying, liquid egg recovery, ingredient mixing and blending and cooking.

Poultry Processing Plant

Environmental / Waste Treatment

Waste treatment plants cover a wide range of environmental issues. We can help your plant focus on designing a space that offers environmental protection, energy conservation and optimal resource utilization. Whether your needs are to pre-treat or full treatment.

Environmental and Waste Treatment

Beef Processing

This industry has its own specific needs and requirements when it comes to processing cattle. PECM has knowledgeable and experienced engineers to get the job done right. We have experience in Live Animal Handling – including Cattle Pens, Serpentines and Restrainers, Kill Floor Design, Aging Coolers, Fabrication Floor Design, and Distribution Centers.

Beef Processing Plant

Other Experience

We also have experience in Tanning Facilities, Hog Processing Plants, Ready to Eat Facilities, Bakeries, Ground Beef Operations, and many more.

food processing experience in tanning, hog processing, bakeries, ground beef and ready to eat facilities

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